He’s a asshole & i despise him deeply Oh and I want him badly

I’m torn between wanting to fuck him and fight him. :/



Damn Bruno!! those hips!

You’re welcome
sugaduga02 smeezepleeze
Bruno’s been ruining lives since high school

I would have been on that ass SO FAST in high school, you can buhleedat.

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photolulutvEnd Of The Road #brunomarshi

http://bruno-news.tumblr.com/post/83600428534/photolulutv-end-of-the-road-brunomarshi bruno-news
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Bruno performing ‘Bubble Butt’ in Hawaii

http://bruno-news.tumblr.com/post/83610033848/bruno-performing-bubble-butt-in-hawaii bruno-news
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photolulutvNice and Slow (2003) #brunomarshi

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You good doe?

Hey, I'm Natalie. Here you'll find my attempt at writing a Bruno Mars fan fiction (Duos). You'll also find my inescapable thirst for the man. Someone get me some water, I'm parched.

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